Battery and DC power supply to achieve self-sufficiency in office power

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-21

  The photovoltaic power generation system and DC power infrastructure have been put into trial use. Specifically, a tracking photovoltaic power system with 12 kW output power is connected to a photovoltaic inverter (PCS) to provide DC power to the experimental office. Starting in January 2016, a hybrid battery system that connects electric batteries and lithium-ion batteries has been designed to meet the needs of night, cloudy and rainy days.


   From February to June 2016, in addition to LED lighting and air conditioning, office equipment (such as photocopiers) will be replaced by DC-powered products. Next, after April 2016, the overall effectiveness of the system will be verified, for example, tracking the increase in photovoltaic system power generation and the energy-saving effect of DC power supplies.


   Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is responsible for the server system, the system is responsible for the battery system, and the storage battery is responsible for the DC power supply system.


   plans to introduce a tracking system to increase photovoltaic power generation by 30%. In addition, by introducing a DC power supply system that supports DC power and energy-saving equipment, the goal of comprehensive management is to reduce power consumption by 50%. Contact: 18038382979

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