Apc power supply products are electronic equipment that must be equipped for equipment safety in newly built computer rooms.

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

Although users currently encounter problems such as complexity of management and rising costs when applying virtualization, while consolidating servers through blades, there will also be problems that the power supply system cannot support such a high-density cluster environment. However, with more and more implementable and measurable technologies and tools, from 2009 to 2012, enterprise data centers will set off a green engineering climax, and technologies and tools such as energy management will also be favored by enterprises . apc power supply has become the most outstanding UPS power supply manufacturer in the field of green energy saving, and its high-efficiency and energy-saving technology has won the favor of customers.

The apc uninterruptible power supply can not only provide uninterrupted power supply protection for major data centers, but also solve various problems that occur in data center power supplies.

Resource issues. The energy consumption costs of large data centers remain high, and they have ranked second among the increasingly heavier costs of enterprises. Resource constraints will inevitably affect the expansion of the data center itself. Due to power supply constraints, not only are many areas unable to build new data centers with huge power consumption, even the original data centers are also facing the danger of power cuts, and it is impossible to talk about increasing them. The problem of capacity expansion. The power consumption cost of the data center bears the brunt of the process of enterprise informatization. For data centers, a new round of global energy crisis affects their sensitive nerves, and energy costs are becoming a global bottleneck in the rapid expansion of data centers.

Today, when the calls for a green and low-carbon economy are rising one after another, the energy consumption and pollution of data centers are unavoidable for a modern enterprise. Responsibility. Cost, business expansion, and corporate social responsibility are key issues that need to be resolved in the construction and operation of data centers. Virtualization tools and automated management tools, these technologies formed around the green concept, have become more and more popular words in data centers.

While ensuring high performance, minimizing cooling and heat dissipation is also a must for data centers to achieve green, which requires more scientific and reasonable power supply and cooling system. Many large data centers around the world have begun to consider building data centers in areas with special resources, abundant water resources, or cold climates to save heat dissipation costs.

From chip, server, storage to network equipment manufacturers, and even software manufacturers, through more optimized designs, they are trying to improve product performance while launching more energy-efficient products to help corporate data The center realizes energy saving and consumption reduction.

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