Anatomy of valve-controlled sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Labels: Valve-controlled sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are generally composed of grids, lead powder (lead paste), separators, electrolytes, shells, and other accessories. ① Grid-A grid is a sheet with a porous grid structure, which acts as a current collector for the electrode reaction of the battery, supporting the load of active materials and conducting current. Grids are generally made of lead or lead-based alloys through casting or drawing processes. Commonly used grid alloys include lead-antimony alloys, lead-antimony-cadmium alloys, lead-calcium alloys, and lead-based rare earth alloys. ②Lead powder-Lead powder is a mixture of PbO and metal lead particles, which provides active materials that participate in the electrode reaction. ③Pole plate——Prepare lead powder into lead paste and apply it on the grid. After drying, curing and other processes, the raw electrode plate is formed. The raw electrode plate is energized and transformed to obtain the corresponding active material on the surface. After the formation, the electrode plate is dried and becomes mature. Pole plate. ④ Separator-The separator is a porous plate made of insulating material, which separates the positive and negative plates in the battery to prevent short circuits and at the same time ensure that the ions in the electrolyte pass through and form a path. Commonly used separators include cardboard separators, rubber separators, and porous glass fiber separators. 4⑤Battery shell and cover-the battery shell and battery cover of the lead-acid battery are used to contain and seal the plate group and electrolyte. The shell material should have good insulation, mechanical properties and acid corrosion resistance, and is generally made of rubber or plastic.
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