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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-27
Tips: battery charging has exquisite battery to charge again pull the bolt, and will not be able to use immediately, want to put ten minutes time, let the battery cool a cool to use again. That have helped to battery use for a long time, and when handling, remove the battery must take put down gently, because if battery if throw, collision, very easy to damage to the battery, affect the power save. Electric vehicle battery has a full charge will remove the bolt, don't charge over a long period of time, so for the life of the battery damage is very big. Tips 2: should charge you every day every night is best for battery charging, don't fill in a few days at a time. For electricity for several days not to use, it points in the battery will release, does not favor the long-term maintenance of batteries. Charging for battery maintenance every day is good, but also to ensure that electricity is saved. So, you ride electric vehicles travel time can be longer. The life of the ordinary car battery, generally in two years or so, the life of the car and maintenance-free battery is twice as common battery. But in real life car battery can not be used to design life of scrapped in advance. There are many reasons causing damage to the battery, such as excessive discharge, stored for a long time no charge, no electrolyte or electrolyte proportion is too high, polluted by sewage and so on, the author has an analysis of some common reason now, hope to help you correct use at ordinary times maintain the car battery. 1, a pile and clip size does not match. Installing a lax, due to the large current when starting, the interface is too small or poor contact, easy to burn out column; Tight installation, dismantling down fierce pry, easy to make a column is damaged, causing battery scrap. 2, fixed unreliable, violent vibration vehicles on the road, the rubber seal, shell and cover cracked. 3, charging current is too large, resulting in premature loss of active material of plate on, shorten the service life of the battery. 4, starting time is too long, make the battery discharge sharply, causing plate bending, active material split. 5, for a long time under the condition of the under charge placed or used, make the plate vulcanizing. 6, electrolytic liquid level is lower than the plate, plate above liquid level and oxidation is exposed to air. Fluctuates up and down in the process of driving, electrolyte, and the oxidation of plate part of the contact, the plate vulcanizing. 7, the electrolyte contains impurities, mainly is the distilled water is not pure and mixed electrolyte with copper, iron and other metal containers. These impurities inside the battery will form & other; Small circuit & throughout; , accelerates a battery to discharge. 8, cleaning and maintenance is not timely, overflow of electrolyte accumulation on the plate for a long time, the corrosion cause extremely pile with the oxide, and then on the plate forming pathway, appear to discharge phenomenon. 9, the new battery is not charging for the first time or large current charging directly, will shorten its service life. New car battery after filling the electrolyte and must adopt the method of small current for the first time after charging, can install and use. 10, ignore the vent of battery, if it is not phase conduction, in use of gas discharge, to the battery explosion due to internal pressure is too high. After 11, battery add distilled water placed for a long time without charging, cause the polarity of the battery self-discharge or damage to the battery. 12, the battery charge capacity and engine don't match, plate early damage, etc.
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