Analysis and solutions of short life problems of battery packs Hunan battery manufacturers

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

   At present, the batteries used on electric bicycles are generally lead-acid batteries, and there will be no fundamental changes in the next few years. Lead-acid battery manufacturing technology is relatively mature. Due to its short service life, its rated life is much lower than its rated life. In addition to reminding users to pay attention to correct use, the problem should also be solved technically. Therefore, in view of the different working conditions of electric vehicles and the characteristics of frequent charging and discharging of battery packs, this problem was specifically analyzed, and the direction and way to solve the problem was determined, in order to find a way to solve this problem as soon as possible. To completely solve this problem, it is necessary to obtain a fundamental technological breakthrough.

  Analysis of battery performance degradation and destruction of various conditions shows that excessive charging and discharging cause battery dust removal, water loss, and bending The main reason for the breakage and even short circuit is the main reason for the battery dust removal, loss of water, bending, breakage and short circuit. At the end of charging, the polarization voltage of the battery increases, the electrolyzed water produces bubbles, the internal loss increases, and the temperature rises. Excessive charging will damage the battery. At the end of the discharge, the effective chemical reaction will be exhausted, the internal micropores will be blocked, and the internal resistance of the battery will increase. At this time, over-discharge will also damage the battery. Therefore, excessive collection and discharge should be avoided as much as possible.

  The barrel theory points out that the maximum water capacity of the barrel is determined by the height of the lowest wood. Likewise, the maximum discharge (usable capacity) of a series battery pack depends on the capacity of one of the worst performing batteries in the battery pack. When the worst battery is discharged, the voltage drops sharply and the electric car will stop running. At this time, the remaining batteries in the battery pack cannot be used, and the driving distance of the electric vehicle is shortened, which is determined by the nature of the series circuit.

   No matter how the battery pack comes out of the factory, the imbalance between the batteries is absolute and will definitely occur during use. Due to the imbalance caused by excessive charging and discharging of inferior batteries, the vicious circle will accelerate the damage. In order to greatly reduce the available capacity of the entire battery pack, it is the main reason that affects the life of the battery pack. Therefore, how to technically solve the problem of imbalance between batteries, and how to adjust the online balance of batteries in real time to achieve the purpose of balance, thereby effectively preventing overcharge and overdischarge, is the key to solving the problem of short battery life.

   In short, in actual use, the imbalance of the battery causes insufficient charge and discharge and overload of the battery. Accelerated damage is one of the main reasons for the short life of the battery. The vulcanization of the battery also affects the battery pack. One of the factors of longevity. The use of modern microelectronics technology and automatic control technology to realize the real-time dynamic balance adjustment of the battery pack operation process and the real-time online activation of battery vulcanization can solve the above-mentioned problems. So as to fundamentally solve the problem of the short life of the battery pack. Contact: 18038382979


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