Ambient temperature for storage and use of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Label: The storage environment temperature requirements of lead-acid batteries The best storage environment temperature of lead-acid batteries should be around 10℃-20℃. This is the best quality storage environment temperature. The self-discharge of lead-acid batteries is minimized and the environment is maintained. Dry, clean and ventilated. The use environment of lead-acid batteries requires that the use temperature of lead-acid batteries is -20℃-----+50℃, which is the basic requirement of the battery, but if the ambient temperature is 10℃----30℃, The battery can obtain a longer service life, so we generally install air-conditioning equipment in the environment where the battery is used to reduce the cost of replacing the battery. The charging of lead-acid batteries requires ambient temperature. The normal voltage of lead-acid batteries refers to the charging voltage value at an ambient temperature of 25°C. However, if the temperature difference exceeds 10°C, the float voltage must be corrected, otherwise the battery will be damaged. When the ambient temperature rises by 1℃, the float charge voltage should be lowered to 0.003V/cell; on the contrary, the float charge voltage should be increased by 0.003V/cell.
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