About the discharge rate and discharge time rate of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Label: About the discharge rate and discharge rate of lead-acid batteries 1. What is the discharge rate of lead-acid batteries? Discharge rate refers to the current value required by the battery to discharge its rated capacity within a specified time. It is equal to the data value The multiple of the battery's rated capacity, usually represented by the letter C. For example, the nominal rated capacity of the battery is 1C (1 rate) for 600mAh, 0.5C for 300mAh, and 10C for 6A (600mAh). And so on. Second, what is the discharge time rate of a lead-acid battery? How much time is used for the battery, how much current is discharged, and the amount of power that can be obtained, marked with C. For example, a battery marked with C2u003d12Ah means the discharge rate for 2 hours, using C2/2 current discharge, or 12/2u003d6A current discharge for 2 hours, the capacity is 12Ah, if it is marked as C3, then use 3 Hours, the discharge current is C3/3, and the power obtained should be consistent with the battery label. For most lead-acid batteries whose capacity is still marked with C5, the actual power obtained by the electric bicycle during the 2-hour operation period is less than the marked value.
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