About battery heat dissipation and weather resistance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
Battery weather resistance test    Generally, the design life of lamps is about 15 years, and the battery is a weak link in it. 12V valve-regulated, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries generally have a design life of five or six years, but in actual applications, they generally need to be replaced in two or three years, and some even end in less than one year. For a garden lamp with a design life of 15 years, the battery is 12V36Ah, which is 0.6 yuanVAh. If the life is two years, the cost of each replacement is 200 yuan, and the battery needs to be replaced at least 6 times during the lifespan. The additional cost of the battery alone is 2755.2 yuan. If the battery life can reach 5 years, it needs to be replaced 3 times during the lifespan, and the additional cost is 1377.6 yuan. Only the battery can save 1377.6 yuan. Battery heat dissipation problems. Now most of the lamps use 12V valve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid batteries It uses a tight assembly structure with poor heat dissipation performance. It is also a lean battery. When the electrolyte temperature is too high during charging, it will accelerate the evaporation and cause the battery to lose water, and it will also cause the plate to be damaged due to overheating and expansion and the outer shell is deformed. What's more important is the thermal runaway of the battery due to heat accumulation.  Battery is an important part of the lighting system, generally accounting for 10% to 20% of the total cost, and its performance directly affects the reliability and life of the system. Solar lamps are generally installed outdoors, and the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C, and the lifespan will be reduced by half for every 10°C increase in temperature. Therefore, maintaining an appropriate temperature is very important for battery life.
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