A standard workshop - in the lead-acid battery industry of China-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-27
Recently, from the wolong, zhejiang wolong beacon power co. , LTD. , to undertake the lead-acid battery standardization technical committee standard conference in shaoxing a successful ending. , director of the China electrical equipment industry association standardization and technology evaluation center, Lu Chen her leading experts, such as the wolong Chen Suxiang power the department deputy general manager and the lead-acid battery standardization technology committee, etc. More than hundred delegates to attend. Meeting mainly for environmental protection storm since 2011 lead-acid battery industry enterprises after improvement and industrial upgrading, on how to strengthen the industry standard and the content of the standardization and dock with the international standard, from the perspective of standardization, new technical standards carried on the thorough elaboration, to actively respond to industry situation change, promote the benign development of the enterprise. Conference, Chen Suxiang welcome address, and together with the representatives of the fixed valve control type lead acid battery part 1 technical conditions 'and' fixed valve control type lead acid battery part 2 varieties and specifications of products, such as standard carried on the thorough discussion, and puts forward some constructive opinions
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