10 hour rate test method of lead-acid battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17
Tags: 10-hour rate test method of lead-acid battery capacity Generally lead-acid battery capacity test adopts 10-hour rate test, the following introduces the specific test method:   1 Fully charged lead-acid battery is allowed to stand for 1h~24h at 25℃±5 Start to discharge in an environment of ℃.  2 Before discharging, measure and record the voltage and internal resistance of the lead battery in the floating state.  3 Before discharging, confess to all operators, including technical confession and safety confession. 4 The terminal voltage of the lead storage battery should be measured before and after the discharge, and the current should be measured during discharge. The current fluctuation shall not exceed 1% of the specified value. 5 During the discharge, the terminal voltage and room temperature of the lead storage battery should be measured. The measurement interval of the 10h rate test is 1h , The measurement time interval of the 3h rate test is 1h, and the measurement time interval of the 1h rate test is 10min. The end of discharge should be measured at any time to ensure accurate determination of the termination voltage time.  6 If the temperature is not 25°C, it needs to be converted into a capacity of 25°C according to formula (1). Ceu003dCt/[1+K(t-25℃)]……………………………………………………(1)    where:    t——ambient temperature during discharge K——temperature coefficient: In the 10h rate capacity test, Ku003d0.006/℃   In the 3h rate capacity test, Ku003d0.008/℃   In the 1h rate capacity test, Ku003d0.01/℃  . As a backup to ensure the safe power supply of the load.  8 Measure and record the voltage in the discharge process in time, and hang warning signs in the operation area.
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